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We are a leading audiovisual and film production company in the Aysén region, which, inspired by the beauty and remoteness of the territory, we create stories that move and travel around the world.

We are committed to leaving a more beautiful and harmonious society.

We believe in love and collaboration to create and develop narrative works that help raise awareness to preserve life and make the earth a better place to live.

From there, we contribute to economic developmentmico of our sector and we generate content that adds value to our society.

"Catarsis Manifesto"

1.- We express our commitment above all to caring for the environment and people to leave our future generations a better place to live.

2.- We declare that we are a producer with gender equality, open to dissent and to people with different abilities, committing ourselves to corporate social responsibility.


Founder - Executive Producer

Carol Moreno M.

Carol, she's worried that things will work out. It is in charge that the resources are in order and that the production is carried out in the times that are committed.


Founder - Director

Os Oyarce C.

Os are always thinking about ideas and how to materialize them. Visionary and entrepreneur. Think about the redefinition of cinematography and the audiovisual in times of digital convergence.


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