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Shooting in Aysén: The Importance of Having a Good Local Producer "Fixer"

Aysén is a region located in the southernmost part of Chile, in the heart of the Chilean Patagonia. This region is known to be one of the most remote and sparsely populated places in the world, making it a location of enormous natural beauty and an ideal filming location for fiction and documentary films. However, filming in Patagonia can present certain unique challenges.

One of the biggest challenges when filming in Aysén Patagonia is the weather. Patagonia is known for its unpredictable weather conditions, with strong winds, heavy rain, and frequent snowfall, especially during winter. These conditions can make it difficult to capture stable and sharp images, requiring special equipment such as sturdy tripods and camera stabilizers.

Additionally, Patagonia is a very vast region, with large areas that are inaccessible by road. This can make transportation logistics complicated, which in turn can restrict the mobility of filming equipment. In some cases, it may be necessary to use planes and helicopters to reach filming locations.

Another challenge that may arise when filming in Patagonia is the lack of basic services in some areas. Some areas may lack electricity or internet, which can make it difficult to charge batteries and transmit images. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and ensure that there are enough supplies and backup batteries to avoid production delays.

Patagonia is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including wild animals such as pumas, condors, guanacos, and foxes. Therefore, it is important to consider local regulations and take precautions to avoid interactions with dangerous animals, both for the safety of people and the preservation of wildlife. The Aysén Region concentrates 35% of the surface of Protected Wild Areas (ASP) in the country (5.5 million hectares). Source:

Patagonia is one of the most spectacular regions in the world, with stunning natural beauty that can be overwhelming for filmmakers. Therefore, it is important to take time to explore and carefully plan shots to capture the essence and magic of the region. This is where the local producer or fixer takes on a relevant role for the production.

El productor Local o "Fixer"

Having a fixer or local producer is crucial in the film and television industry to ensure successful productions, regardless of where they take place. But what is a fixer? Essentially, it is a person who has first-hand knowledge of the location where a production will take place and who facilitates everything that producers, directors, cinematographers, photographers, and others need to do their job. A good fixer is key to ensuring a legal, moral, and efficient production.

Additionally, the fixer is also responsible for ensuring that all local regulations and laws are complied with in terms of filming permits and requirements. In Patagonia, this is especially important due to the variety of protected areas and nature reserves that must be respected and cared for.

Another important task of the fixer is hiring local talent, including guides, translators, drivers, and other experts who can provide valuable information about the region and its cultures.

The fixer can also help connect producers with other industry professionals, such as cinematographers, sound technicians, and production designers. This may also include hiring experts in different areas, such as logistics, lodging, food, and security. Additionally, fixers may collaborate with other local producers to ensure that necessary resources are available at the right time.

Although the challenges of filming in Patagonia may seem daunting, the success of many productions demonstrates that exceptional results can be achieved with proper planning and the support of a good fixer. By working together, producers, directors, and fixers can create films and documentaries that capture the beauty and magic of Patagonia and its cultures.

In conclusion, Patagonia is a unique and beautiful region that presents unique challenges for filmmakers and producers seeking to film there. Having a good local producer like "Shoot in Patagonia" or Catarsis Films audiovisual services producer in Aysén is essential to ensure that all legal and safety requirements are met, and all necessary resources and talents are available for the production. With the support of a fixer, audiovisual or film productions can capture the essence and beauty of Patagonia and create exceptional films and documentaries that resonate worldwide.


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