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Catarsis Films and CORFO meet to turn Aysén into an audiovisual powerhouse

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Catarsis Films presents its Shoot in Patagonia project to CORFO in search of strategic alliances to turn Aysén into a world-class film destination.

On April 24th, 2023, an important meeting was held between Catarsis Films and its new business unit Shoot in Patagonia with various executives from CORFO's office in the Aysén region. The purpose of the meeting was to present the Shoot in Patagonia project and seek strategic alliances with the public sector to turn Aysén into a world-class film destination.

It is worth noting that Shoot in Patagonia was a winner of the audiovisual strengthening funds from the Ministry of Cultures in 2022, which aims to promote Aysén's film destination by offering its locations through an innovative web application for the audiovisual sector, as well as providing world-class audiovisual production services in the region. Catarsis Films, through Shoot in Patagonia, seeks to work together with the public sector to seek financing for various stages that require funds, such as the development of the application and sales strategy in the world's main audiovisual markets. On the other hand, creating policies and instruments that give the region competitive advantages when promoting the film destination.

During the one-hour meeting, the director of CORFO in Aysén, Humberto Marín, the sub-director of CORFO Aysén, Fernando Johnson, Andrés Sandoval, executive of creative industries, Mónica Moldenhauer, executive of projects, Rolf Traeger, manager of the strategic regional tourism program of Aysén, as well as the director and founder of Catarsis Films, Os Oyarce, and the founder and general producer, Carol Moreno, were present.

The meeting presented the problem, solutions, and opportunities that currently exist and led to the creation of Shoot in Patagonia. Market figures were reviewed and sales projections were made based on the proposed business idea, which is already advancing in the development of the application and the sale of services.

It is expected that in the coming weeks, a work agenda with CORFO and other public and private institutions that want to join the objective of turning Aysén into a world-class film destination will be established. This initiative is expected to create a significant source of economic income in the next 12 years for the region, benefiting various sectors, but mainly the tourism and audiovisual industry.

In conclusion, the meeting was an important step for Shoot in Patagonia in its search for strategic alliances and funding to turn Aysén into a world-class film destination, an initiative that could generate a significant economic and social impact on the region.


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